Find below the most common questions of our customers.

How do I store screenMATRIX plates?2018-11-25T19:27:08+02:00

We recommend long term storage at 4 °C and away from sunlight, however for short stints you can also store the screenMATRIX at room temperature.

Do denovoMATRIX coatings contain proteins?2018-11-25T20:09:14+02:00

No, denovoMATRIX coating do not contain proteins of any kind. denovoMATRIX coatings contain only completely synthetic protein fragments known as peptides. We use peptide sequences which are derived from human proteins with a biological function in the extracellular matrix, to recreate that function in our coatings.

My cells aren’t attaching to the coatings. What should I do?2018-11-25T20:10:45+02:00

Cell attachment behavior is very different depending on cell type, varying from 30 minutes to several days. First step would be to check what is considered ‘normal’ for your cell type. Next, make sure you have safely deactivated your cell-dissociation/passaging reagent (such as trypsin or dispase) before adding to the coated surfaces. Washing and centrifuging your cells may help remove any traces of leftover cell dissociation reagent. Addition of 2-10 µM Y-27632 or other ROCK inhibitor can be used as a last resort to increase cell survival and attachment after passaging.

I am interested in culturing ______ cells. How do I find the right coating for my cells?2018-12-03T07:28:43+02:00

Great question! We at denovoMATRIX are excited to find out the answer to that question too – which is why we have developed the screenMATRIX, where you can test 96 different coatings for the one which could be used for culturing your cell type. After seeding you cells in the screenMATRIX, you can use an assay of your choice to evaluate the well with the most optimal cell behavior. After identifying the optimal coating type, we will be happy to provide you with coated plates with your selected coating.

Can I stain my cells using antibody-based or colorimetric stains?2018-11-25T20:17:33+02:00

Yes, denovoMATRIX coatings are compatible with multiple stains. In case you run into issues with a particular stain on our coatings please contact us.

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