Frequently Asked Questions

Find below the most common questions of our customers.

How do I store screenMATRIX plates?2019-07-23T08:58:34+02:00

The screenMATRIX can be stored at room temperature for the maximum of one year. Ensure it is protected from direct sun light.

Do denovoMATRIX coatings contain proteins?2019-07-23T09:00:13+02:00

No, denovoMATRIX coatings do not contain proteins of any kind. denovoMATRIX coatings are composed of polymers, sulfated polysaccharide, and synthetic protein fragments known as peptides. We use peptide sequences, which are derived from human proteins with a biological function in the extracellular matrix.

My cells do not attach to the coatings. What should I do?2019-07-23T09:02:35+02:00

Cell attachment behavior is very different depending on cell type, varying from 30 minutes to several hours. First step would be to check what is considered ‘normal’ for your cell type. Next, make sure you have safely deactivated your cell dissociation reagent (such as trypsin or dispase) before adding the cell suspension to the coated surfaces. Washing and centrifuging your cells may help to remove any traces of leftover cell dissociation reagent. Addition of growth factors and other soluble signaling molecules might be necessary to increase cell survival and attachment after passaging.

I am interested in culturing ______ cells. How do I find the right coating for my cells?2019-07-23T09:07:55+02:00

Great question! We at denovoMATRIX are excited to find out the answer to that question too, which is why we have developed the screenMATRIX. With screenMATRIX you can test 96 different coatings at once to identify the once that are benefitial for culturing your cell type. After seeding your cells in the screenMATRIX, you can use an assay of your choice to evaluate the well with the most optimal cell behavior. After selecting the optimal well, we will be happy to provide you with coated plates of your selected coating.

Can I stain my cells using antibody-based or colorimetric stains?2019-07-18T11:33:59+02:00

Yes, denovoMATRIX coatings are compatible with multiple stains. In case you run into issues with a particular stain on our coatings please contact us.

What is the recommended seeding density on myMATRIX MSC?2019-07-24T11:53:00+02:00

For seeding hMSC, a seeding density of 3000-8000 cells/cm2 is recommended. The cells should be subcultured upon reaching 70-80 % confluence, usually after 3-4 days. However, as optimal cell densities for seeding can vary based on hMSC donors and media used, seeding densities of hMSCs should be finally optimized by the user. If you are interested to work with alternative cells, feel free to get in touch with us beforehand.

How do hMSC look like when cultured on myMATRIX MSC?2019-07-24T11:54:09+02:00

hMSC cultured on myMATRIX MSC coated surfaces will have a fibroblast-like, spindle shaped morphology. In serum-containing conditions, hMSC will have a flattened and spread cell shape. In serum-free or xeno-free media, hMSC on myMATRIX MSC will have a smaller cell size and be more compact while maintaining a spindle shape. myMATRIX MSC supports attachment, proliferation and high cell viability in both serum-free and serum-containing conditions.

Does myMATRIX MSC support the long-term expansion of hMSC?2019-12-10T16:36:07+01:00

Yes, myMATRIX MSC supports long-term expansion of hMSC. A peer-reviewed publication providing our results about expansion of hMSc for 10 passages is in preparation and will be provided soon. A white paper is provided upon request.

Can I use the myMATRIX MSC surface for cell-based assays and/or colorimetric/fluorescence staining?2019-07-19T11:45:33+02:00

Yes, myMATRIX MSC is compatible with most colorimetric and fluorescent stains, as well as a variety of cell-based assays. In case a staining on myMATRIX MSC has not worked for you as expected, please get in touch with us here. We would love to get your feedback.

What cell detachment solutions work with myMATRIX MSC?2019-07-24T11:57:45+02:00

myMATRIX MSC supports the use of a variety of cell detachment solutions including trypsin, trypsin/EDTA, TrypLE, dispase and Accutase. For use with hMSC, we recommend using 0.05 % trypsin/EDTA, and keeping incubation times 5 minutes to minimize cell stress.

Does myMATRIX MSC support a xeno-free culture of stem cells?2020-02-10T14:51:57+01:00

The myMATRIX MSC is fully xeno-free and free of any human or animal components. myMATRIX MSC enables expansion of hMSC in commercially available xeno-free media. Please refer to our growing list of chemically defined or xeno-free media, which are compatible with myMATRIX MSC.

What cell types can be cultured on myMATRIX MSC?2019-07-24T12:02:04+02:00

In contrast to other products, myMATRIX MSC is a biomimetic coating, which has been specifically designed to support hMSC expansion. Please refer to our overview of tissue-derived hMSC, which have been tested with myMATRIX MSC.

Although myMATRIX MSC has been tailored for hMSC, it may also support the attachment and proliferation of other adherent cell types. Our screenMATRIX would be an excellent tool to identify functional coatings for your cells of choice. If you have further questions, please contact us.

How should I store myMATRIX MSC cultureware?2019-07-24T12:04:57+02:00

The myMATRIX MSC cultureware should be stored in its original aluminum foil-based packaging at room temperature in laboratory conditions (18 – 28 °C). It has a shelf life of 12 months at these temperatures.

Can I use any unused wells of a myMATRIX MSC plate after completing a previous experiment?2019-07-22T17:12:21+02:00

It is generally recommended to use unopened myMATRIX MSC cultureware for new experiments. Sterility and stability of the myMATRIX MSC cannot be guaranteed in unused wells.

Should myMATRIX MSC be protected from UV light?2019-07-19T13:29:30+02:00

The myMATRIX MSC will be protected from UV light due to the aluminum foil-based packaging. It is not recommended to expose the myMATRIX MSC cultureware to UV light.

Do I have to prepare the myMATRIX MSC surface before use?2019-07-19T13:31:03+02:00

The myMATRIX MSC is ready-to-use from the packaging. No pre-incubation or washing steps are necessary.

How is the myMATRIX MSC surface produced?2019-07-19T13:31:41+02:00

The myMATRIX MSC coating is based on proprietary technology from denovoMATRIX. The coatings are composed of a mixture of sulfated polysaccharides and biomimetic peptide conjugates, which mimic key microenvironmental features of hMSC.

Where do I find the order number and the lot number?2019-07-24T12:05:26+02:00

LOT and order numbers are printed on the package of myMATRIX MSC cultureware. Both numbers are also provided with quality certificate sheet.

Are there more than 96 coatings available?2019-07-22T17:26:26+02:00

Yes, more coatings are available in the form of custom-made plates. Get in touch with us to find out all the possibilities on offer.

How many replicates are normally necessary?2019-07-23T09:12:34+02:00

Each screenMATRIX offers 96 different compositions. A minimum of 3 experimental replicates are recommended, which is equal to 3 screenMATRIX plates. The total number of necessary replicates may vary however, based on cell type or the sensitivity of your assay.

What is the advantage of using myMATRIX over conventional protein coatings?2019-07-24T11:47:46+02:00

Extracellular matrix proteins are commonly used to recreate important aspects of the cell microenvironment. However, protein-based coatings are unstable and require pre-coating steps before each use. They also show inconsistencies either between lots or due to different user handling. myMATRIX is made of defined components with delimited variation. As myMATRIX is offered pre-coated on various formats, denovoMATRIX serves you a convenient and efficient ready-to-use alternative.

How is the quality control done?2019-07-23T09:25:09+02:00

The components of the screenMATRIX are routinely subject to quality analysis. Each production batch of screenMATRIX plates is controlled for the ability to provide attachment to human mesenchymal stromal cells and mouse neural precursor cells.

How long does it take to deliver your order?2019-07-23T09:29:52+02:00

We aim to deliver your order of screenMATRIX and myMATRIX MSC within 1 week. Lead and delivery times may vary for customized orders. Please get in touch with us for customMATRIX inquiries.

Is there a discount for bigger orders?2019-07-23T09:33:48+02:00

denovoMATRIX is happy to serve individual requests.

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