serum-free and chemically defined stem cell culture

your challenge

You want to culture stem cells and primary cells in chemically defined conditions while maintaining all of the advantages and none of the disadvantages of serum-containing media. Batch-to-batch variation and uncertainty of serum quality hinders your research and impedes reproducibility of your results. Using serum-containing media limits the impact of your research to non-clinical applications.

our solution


A tailored microenvironment for the growth of stem cells and primary cells in the form of coated tissue cultureware in your favorite formats (e.g. flasks, tubes, well plates) for use with serum-free media.

your benefits

  • culturing stem cells and primary cells in chemically defined, xeno- and human-component free conditions

  • multi-passage expansion of your stem cells while maintaining their multipotency

  • robust, repeatable results which are upgradable for clinical applications

Use case: A tailored microenvironment to culture mesenchymal stromal cells in serum-free media

denovoMATRIX coatings provide a completely synthetic cell adhesion-promoting microenvironment for the long-term cultivation of MSC in xeno-free culture conditions.

Our ready-to-use solution outperforms available competitor products through the use of a tailored substrate, specifically made for the expansion of MSC while maintaining their multipotency.

In comparison to widely used animal derived substrates, denovoMATRIX coatings are completely chemically defined and can be used protocol-free (unpack, seed cells, get results!).

Fully synthetic products on the market tend to provide overly simplified growth substrates, while denovoMATRIX technology is able to incorporate several key components of the natural extracellular matrix, creating a complex, yet defined environment.