All documents for culturing cell on denovoMATRIX products with success.

Our Publications

Our technolgoy and its application has been published by us and our partners in peer-reviewed journals as well as application notes.

Read our study on how MSCs can be cultured with denovoMATRIX on thin layer coatings and read our application note on comptabile MSC media.

Explore how expansion and maintenance of iPSCs are supported with denovoMATRIX surfaces with our myMATRIX iPSC application note.

Our Product Information

You can get a quick overview on our products with our info sheets for:

Our denovoMATRIX iPSC User Guide provides you with details on adaption, splitting, harvesting and expansion of iPSC.

Our Safety Data Sheets

Download the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS files) for our product: