The whole variety of cell culture coatings in one simple tool

Your challenge

You want to improve your research using a relevant microenvironment for your cells, however the variety of products on the market is huge. To find out which one is the best for you is both time consuming and costly. You don’t want to test out multiple products and waste time reading lengthy protocols. Ideally, you want a product that provides you with biologically relevant microenvironments for your cells and reproducible results.

Our solution


Discover the ideal microenvironment for your application.

We provide you with the ideal tool to rapidly test a large variety of cell microenvironments at once. denovoMATRIX technology allows us to incorporate the most important biological ligands for cell adhesion, spreading and robust growth within our biomimetic coatings. We have compiled 96 coating compositions which represent 96 different microenvironments in the screenMATRIX which is ready to use without any preparation. All you need to do is seed your cells on the screenMATRIX and discover which coating(s) works best. Check out our screenMATRIX infosheet to find out exactly which biological ligands are responsible for your optimal cell response.

Your benefits

  • A rapid, low effort and low cost tool to get you the best microenvironment for your cell type and cell culture needs.

  • Find out which biological ligands are responsible for cell adhesion, differentiation or changes in your cell phenotype. Use this for your advantage to boost your research.
  • Found your ideal coating? Get your favorite cell culture plasticware format with a coating of your choice – we like to call this your customMATRIX.

screenMATRIX identifies the best surface for your cell type


“Great tool to find the ideal cell culture surface for every cell type.”

Christoph Tondera, Technische Universtität Dresden, BIOTEC

“Great results – so easy to use and uncovered new areas to research!”

Kate Cameron, Cytochroma Limited, CEO

screen up to 96 different surfaces at once to find your best solution

Microenvironments of screenMATRIX coatings

96 different coatings in 96 wells

complex sugars and biomimetic peptides mimic natural microenvironments

Cell seeding protocol

  1. Calculate how many cells you need for the experiment.
    We provide our coatings in 96 format with growth areas of 0,34 cm2 per well.
  2. Detach cells already in culture, wash and count.
    Cells already in culture will typically have higher survival rates than than freshly thawed cells.
  3. Unpack your screenMATRIX plates.
  4. Seed your cells at the desired density and incubate.
    Add at least 100 µL and up to 200 µL of media in each well.
    It’s not necessary to incubate screenMATRIX plates with media before adding cells. Simply add at the same time and incubate at 37 °C and 5% CO2.
    We recommend adding cells to three plates to achieve a technical replicate.
  5. Analyze your cells.
    screenMATRIX plates are optimal for microscopy (phase contrast as well as fluorescence), well suitable for colorimetric assays as well as standard DNA/RNA and protein isolation protocols and compatible with automated systems.

Get your favorite coating in various standard formats- your customMATRIX

Important notes

  • Always use aseptic techniques such as laminar flow hood and sterilized equipment
  • Take care not to scratch the surface of screenMATRIX plates when pipetting – this can potentially result in cells exposed to the tissue culture plastic
  • screenMATRIX plates are stable for 12 months at room temperature