We build products to enhance cell culture and improve quality of life.


We deploy our modular, biomimetic coating technology to enable high performance cell culture, bringing cell therapies to patients and accelerating the path to market for clean meat.


To our customers we pledge continuous development of innovative technologies, which will serve them better than current solutions on the market. We aim to foster our customer relationships, to ensure their satisfaction and continuous use of our products and services. To our staff we commit to their development in skills, competencies and responsibilities with appropriate learning programs. We strive for an inclusive and caring team culture, welcoming diversity in all aspects. Finally, as an organization, denovoMATRIX is driven by the undertaking of continuous improvement of our quality management system.


Dejan Hušman
Dejan HušmanPhD
Chief Executive Officer
Michelle Patino
Michelle PatinoMSc
Cell Culture Specialist
Sandra Segeletz
Sandra SegeletzPhD
Head of Innovation
Kristina Thamm
Kristina ThammPhD
Head of Project Services
Richard Wetzel
Richard WetzelPhD
Managing Partner
Felix Gottlöber
Felix GottlöberDipl.-Ing.
Bioprocess Engineer
Thomas Hendel
Thomas HendelPhD
Quality Control Expert
Yixin Zhang
Yixin ZhangProfessor
Visionary Co-founder