Xeno-free and chemically defined pluripotent stem cell culture with myMATRIX iPSC.


Using animal derived coatings limits the impact of your research on human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSC) and impedes the reproducibility of your results. It’s tedious to always freshly coat your plates. You’ve tried a few alternatives which are animal-free, however cell performance suffers, and you end up returning to your previous ‘gold standard’. Ideally, you want the reliability of more defined coatings, while maintaining the performance of your cell culture, without the hassle of pre-coating.


myMATRIX iPSC provides a chemically defined cell adhesion-promoting microenvironment offered as pre-coated cultureware, specially formulated for expansion of induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSC).


  • Ready-to-use

  • Batch-to-batch consistency

  • Animal component-free product

  • Typical iPSC morphology and robust proliferation

  • High and consistent expression of stemness markers

  • Preservation of pluripotency and genetic stability

Robust and reliable long-term culture with myMATRIX iPSC.

High quality induced pluripotent stem cells from myMATRIX iPSC.

Our coatings is manufactured without any animal or human components and is ready-to-use. Human induced pluripotent stem cells have a stable karyotype, high expression of stemness genes and are pluripotent after long-term culture on myMATRIX iPSC. Our coating combines biologically relevant synthetic peptides with sulfated glycosaminoglycan (GAG) analogs to recreate the functional aspects of the cellular microenvironment.

Maintaining pluripotency and genetic stability with myMATRIX iPSC.

Consistent and high expression of stemness markers
Preservation of genetic stability
Preservation of differentiation capacity


We develop, characterize and manufacture extracellular matrix-mimetic coatings for your applications. denovoMATRIX also offers its expertise in cell line establishment, cell expansion and cell analysis to enhance your research and development projects. Contact us for more information on our service and licensing offer.