Let us support your PSC culture by identifying the most suitable biomaterial using our pluriSERVICE.


You are looking for a xeno/animal-free option to reliably culture your pluripotent stem cells (PSCs). You have multiple PSC lines from different sources and want to find the best surface coating to culture and maintain them. You are experiencing inconsistent performance from coatings that have large batch-to-batch variations.


We have translated our expertise in pluripotent stem cells into a strategically curated catalog of biomaterials that support cell attachment, differentiation, cloning, and proliferation. Identify the best coating candidates that support your individual PSC culture and design the biomaterial around your experimental procedures.


  • Custom surface coating – Partner with our stem cell and biomaterial experts to get your own coating for an improved and reliable PSC culture.

  • Time-saving – Save time and resources by getting a ready-to-use coating for your PSCs.

  • Individualized service – Choose from our essential or premium plans, tailored to your expertise and expectations.

Partner with our in-house experts to find the surface that improves the culture of your iPSCs.

Custom solutions for pluripotent stem cells

Choose the essential or premium pluriSERVICE according to your lab expertise.

For experienced laboratory streamlines, we offer essential support and the coating of the cultureware format of your preference, with the best candidate you have identified. Alternatively, let us do the heavy lifting. With our premium pluriSERVICE we share our PSC-specific biomaterial screening platform with you and assist you in identifying the candidate that supports reliable and improved stem cell culture.


We develop, characterize and manufacture extracellular matrix-mimetic coatings for your applications. denovoMATRIX also offers its expertise in cell line establishment, cell expansion and cell analysis to enhance your research and development projects. Contact us for more information on our service and licensing offer.