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denovoMATRIX offers modular, biomimetic coatings for cell culture plastic ware that can be tailored to recreate a large variety of extracellular matrices (ECM) for any adherent cell culture.

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The screenMATRIX is the fastest way to test a large variety of factors for isolating, maintaining or differentiating your cells. screenMATRIX consists of a cell culture plate containing a different coating in each well.

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The best plastic ware coating for your cell culture.

The myMATRIX is a unique biomimetic coating, tailored to your specific application. It is a distinct combination of sulfated polysaccharides and biomimetic peptides, to get you the results you need.

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We develop, characterize and manufacture extracellular matrix-mimetic coatings for all of your cell culture needs.

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biomatrices created de novo for each cell type




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denovoMATRIX GmbH is supported and receives funding by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Free State of Saxony to further develop its denovoMATRIX platform technology for new application areas.