Identify the optimal biomaterial coating for your cell culture using the screenSERVICE.


You want to establish a cell culture protocol for a new cell type or optimize existing procedures. You are dealing with challenging and demanding cell types. You are seeking a biologically relevant microenvironment for your cells that creates reproducible results.


Our team of experts in cell biology and biomaterials has developed a screening tool for quickly testing a large variety of cell microenvironments. We have incorporated the most important biological ligands for cell adhesion, spreading and robust growth within our biomimetic coatings. We will support you in the development of a customized biomaterial coating that elicits an optimal cell response. We offer consultation and tailored solutions to fit your lab’s tools and expertise.


  • Quick and easy screening tool – Ready-to-use 96 well plate compatible with plate readers and high-resolution imaging.

  • Tailored biomatrix – Customized surface coating for your cells and procedures.

  • Cellular information – Essential characterization of cells on the custom biomatrix to identify the top performers.

  • Expert consultation – Cell biology experts provide a sophisticated assessment of cells for the identification of top-performing biomaterial candidates.

Tailor your biomatrix to your cells and procedures, not vice versa.

Biomaterial screening & development

Anchorage-dependent cells require interactions with a substrate for optimal cell survival, proliferation, and behavior. In vivo, this is provided by diverse structural proteins in the extracellular matrix. In vitro, our biomaterial library can functionally recreate the natural microenvironment of your cells of interest and improve cell attachment, proliferation, and performance.

We support you in the development of a customized surface coating in a streamlined process using our biomaterial library. We offer our screenSERVICE in different tiers, to help with the development of the most suitable biomaterial for your cells, in a fashion most suited to your experience and capabilities. After the identification or your customMATRIX formulation, we will provide you with ready-to-use cultureware. Alternatively, a license agreement can be granted in accordance with your needs.

Our screenSERVICE

We offer our screenSERVICE at 3 different plans: Academic, Essential, and Premium.

  • Academic screenSERVICE: You want to culture novel or complex cell types/cell mixtures. You want to dissect the contribution of different cell microenvironments to the biology of the cells. As an experienced research group, you do not need support in assessing the performance of your culture and ready-to-use cultureware would simplify your daily routines. With the Academic screenSERVICE, we offer our support for the biomatrix selection but rely on your expertise to make the best decision for your context. After the identification of your optimal biomaterial, you receive 250 cm2 of your customized surface on a standard cell culture ware.
  • Essential screenSERVICE: You are working with demanding cell types and want a tailored biomatrix that supports cell growth and development. You need an essential analysis for assessing the growth of your culture. We offer our expertise in cell culture to speed up the development of your customized biomaterial coating. Afterwards, you receive 750 cm2 of your customized surface on a standard cell culture ware.
  • Premium screenSERVICE: You need a more detailed analysis of your cell performance to decide for a suitable biomaterial coating. The Premium screenSERVICE will provide you not only proliferation data, but also information on the status of the culture based on the specific protein markers expressed by your cells. Let our experts in cell biology perform and analyze the assays and assist you in the identification of your optimal biomatrix. Afterwards, you receive 750 cm2 of your customized surface on a standard cell culture ware.


We develop, characterize and manufacture extracellular matrix-mimetic coatings for your applications. denovoMATRIX also offers its expertise in cell line establishment, cell expansion and cell analysis to enhance your research and development projects. Contact us for more information on our service and licensing offer.