PBS Biotech and denovoMATRIX Join Forces to Boost Manufacturing Processes for Cell & Gene Therapies.

PBS Biotech, an innovative, single-use bioreactor manufacturer and process development services provider, announces its collaboration with denovoMATRIX, a leading supplier of next-gen biomimetic coating technologies.

PBS Biotech and denovoMATRIX have collaborated to address the market need for materials and methods that can produce therapeutic cells through safe and efficient manufacturing processes. The team used different types of matrices such as Biomimetic matrices, isoMATRIX, myMATRIX MSC, and beadMATRIX, along with PBS Vertical-Wheel® bioreactors, to culture human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem/stromal cells (MSCs). Their efforts yielded both high isolation efficiency and robust cell proliferation. Read the first whitepaper here.

‘’We are thrilled to see the leverage created by our collaboration with PBS Biotech in addressing MSC manufacturing challenges with such clear results.’’ said Dejan Hušman, CEO of denovoMATRIX.

Following the success of their initial study, PBS Biotech and denovoMATRIX have announced plans to develop a novel 3D production system for large-scale manufacturing of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). The system aims to provide a more efficient and scalable method for iPSC manufacturing, building on the teams’ expertise in cell culture engineering and process development.

“We are very excited to combine our expertise in cell culture engineering and process development to provide guidance to the industry and look forward to sharing the results of our iPSC study with you in the coming months.” said Sunghoon Jung, Sr. Director of Bioprocess R&D, PBS Biotech.

This exciting cooperation was recently covered by the bioinformant.com.