Our new product is now available! Let us make 3D culture more convenient for you.
The beadMATRIX is a ready-to-use microcarrier with our MSC-optimized coating for a new level of performance.

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beadMATRIX are ready-to-use, animal component-free, pre-coated microcarriers for the in vitro culture of high-quality mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs). beadMATRIX is ideally suited for use in shaker flasks, shaker bags, stirred tank or vertical wheel bioreactors. In combination with controlled
and closed bioreactor systems, beadMATRIX enables regulated manufacturing processes for industrial scale production of MSCs. The product familiy for MSCs includes the isoMATRIX, myMATRIX MSC, and the beadMATRIX, and facilitates MSC manufacturing with consistency across scales.

Key features:

• Up to 25% accelerated cell proliferation compared to leading brand competitor
• Serum-free & Xeno-free 3D culture
• Compliant with pharma grade requirements

Maintenance of MSC characteristics:

• MSC-specific CD-marker expression
• Trilineage differentiation potential
• Immunomodulatory potential
• Angiogenic activity

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